Website Designing

Link Wheel Service

  • Connects your articles and blog sites to each other and into your main website
  • Generates traffic through interlinking with major websites that cater to information

In the internet, to maximize the exposure of your website to your target market, you need to be linked to a lot of other websites with similar niche. One way to do that is create articles and submit them to article hubs like HubPages, Squidoo, Ezine and InfoBarrel among other article submission websites. Or set up your own blog in blogging sites such as Wordpress and Blogger among many other blogging sites. Most of these sites are referred to as Web2.0 sites.

B2 Internet Marketing can do the article or content writing for you if you are not into writing content. Of course, the idea will be from you on what you want the articles to be about and such articles will be finalized by your approval. B2 Internet Marketing has an expert team of writers to make up the best articles full of information or story that will capture your target market in cyberspace.

Link Wheel comes in when the links of all the article hub sites and the blog sites are linked to each other and linked to the main website called ‘money site’. The money site is your business website that presents all about your products and services. There is random connection of the sites to make sure that you do not violate any rules in search engines. As the Web2.0 sites are known to have high traffic, the audience you attract on these sites is varied and diverse.

This technique is utilized by B2 Internet Marketing especially for those who are just starting out their websites or those who wants to update their websites. With Link Wheel Service, you are sure that the reach of your business is global and touches various websites on the internet. The online presence of your business is established and your website is indexed in search engine which allows your ranking in search engines to move to the top. Thus traffic to your website and increase in business sales is not just a vision; it is a realized goal today.